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Libra Accounting and Inventory
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Journal Vouchers        
Opening Vouchers        
Recurrent Vouchers        
Audit Accounts        
Advanced Search        
Post Pending Transactions        
Difference of Exchange Transactions        
Closing Balances        
Accounts Receivable
Clients Management        
Salesmen Management        
Sales Orders   Basic Basic advanced
Sales Invoices   Basic Basic advanced
Receipt Vouchers        
Sales Return   Basic Basic advanced
Sales Return Orders        
Credit Note        
Debit Note        
POS Sales Invoices        
POS Sales Returns        
Sales Offers        
Sales Contracts        
Expired Sales Orders        
Salesmen Commissions        
Accounts Payable
Suppliers Management        
Purchase Invoice   Basic Basic advanced
Payment Vouchers        
Goods Receipt   Basic Basic advanced
Purchase Returns   Basic Basic advanced
Purchase Orders   Basic Basic advanced
Purchase Return Orders        
Local Purchase Orders        
Purchase Orders Shipment        
Cash And Bank Management
Bank Accounts        
Banks Setup        
Bank Reconciliation        
Check Deposit        
Check Transfer        
Cash Flow Reporting        
Check Search        
Checks Workflow        
Fixed Assets Management
Fixed Assets        
Asset Disposal        
Asset Sales        
Stock Assets        
Assets Inventory Adjustment        
Assets inventory Collection        
Allocate Depreciation to Cost Centers        
Monthly Depreciation        
Accounts Management
Chart Of Accounts        
General Ledger        
Undefined Auxliary        
Switch Accounts        
Cost Centers Management
Cost Centers Basic Basic Basic Advanced
Switch Cost Centers        
Cost Center Allocation        
Budget Setup        
Budget Correction        
Cash Flow Budget        
End of year closing
End Of Year Closing        
Reverse Closing        
Result Reports        
Inventory Closing        
Reverse Inventory Closing        
Setup Menu        
Setup Rounding        
Setup Default account        
POS Sales        
Inventory Management
Item Definition        
Price Lists        
Discount Policies        
People Item Discount        
Barcode Search        
Advanced Search        
Item Switch        
Item Accumulation        
Alternative Items        
Item Dimensions        
Item Lot Numbers And Expiry Date        
Item serials        
Barcode Printing        
Warehouse Management
Item Transfers        
Item Transfer Orders        
Inventory Adjustment In        
Inventory Adjustment Out        
Inventory Adjustment        
Inventory Collection        
Inventory In        
Inventory Out        
Inventory Collection Search        
Serial Numbers Tracking        
Production Workflow        
Production Control        
Production Charges        
Production Statistics        
Production Mobile Portal (lines)        
Production Invoice        
Production Formulas        
Production Order        
Production Order Delivery        
Production Calculator        
Production Quantity Comparison        
Accounting Reports
Daily Revision        
General Ledger Statement        
Auxiliary Statement        
Cost Center Balances        
Cost Center Statement        
Fixed Assets Statement        
Trial Balance        
Auxiliary Account Balances        
Cost Center Trial Balance        
Balance Comparison        
Aging Reports        
Closing Reports        
Collection Reports        
Check Statement        
Installment Statement        
Non Allocated Transactions        
Stock Assets Report        
Asset Balance        
Budget Comparison        
Cost Centers Closing Reports        
Cost Centers Advanced Reports        
Financial Statements        
Cost Center Report        
Inventory Reports
Inventory Statement        
Inventory Transfer Statements        
Item Prices Reports        
Production Comparison        
Invoice Tracking Reports        
Contract Reports        
Warehouse Details        
Attachement Reports        
Family Reports        
Serial Numbers        
Inventory Information        
Asset Report        
Daily Invoice Journal        
Daily Warehouse Journal        
Client Invoices Report        
Supplier Items Statement        
Client Items  Reports        
Account And Inventory Statistics        
Compare Item Prices With Price Lists        
Inventory Price List        
Items Profits        
Invoice Profits        
Sales Statistics        
Periodic Statistics        
Commission Report        
VAT Audit Information Setup        
Setup Vat Accounts        
Vat Closing Vouchers        
Top Clients / Suppliers        
Vat policy        
Vat Declaration        
VAT Rates        
Split VAT Accounts Setup        
Accounting periods
Accounting Lock Date        
Inventory Lock Date        
Ad Hoc Reports
VAT Percentage Audit        
Wrong Accounts        
VAT Audit By Voucher        
Zero VAT Vouchers        
Wrong Accounts Serials        
Exchange Rates        
Workflow Setup
Workflow Stages        
Workflow Steps        
Workflow Templates        
Audit Trail        
Security Trail        
Transactions Log        
Invoice Log        
Import Items        
Import Auxiliary        
Import Price List        
Import Vouchers        
Report Designer        
Period Inventory Closing        
Automatic Tax Distribution